When recommendations are given they come in two different types:
– the urgent ones that require immediate attention
– the account improvement suggestions

Urgent recommendations are there because you are loosing budget by pointing ads to non existing pages. So 404, 500 302 and 303 errors are reported.

The recommendations to improve the account structure are very different from e.g. the AdWords ones that basically ask you to spend more money. Our recommendations are calculated scientifically based on one ore more instances and implementing will bring your account to a higher level. Under the POLICY section you can set the type and sensitivity of the recommendations per account so you will not be bothered by advice you do not need.

The ones you do want are displayed on a regular basis by an interval you can set your self (daily/weekly/monthly). To give you the reason behind the advice you will find a comprehensive WHY section thats explains why you should apply this. In this sections you will find , when relevant, options to view the data behind the advice too. The WHAT section explains what the changes will be that you set in motion by pushing the APPLY button.

Implementing the recommendations is easy: click the apply button and in most cases you’r done. When a keyword is moved to a new group you will have the option to edit (inline) the ads that are copied too. Might there be a reason you do not want to apply you can either ignore it (for now) or skip it.


Recommendations you can expect:


– 404, 500 errors
– 302 and 303 errors


– adding keywords
– moving keywords to new adgroup
– adding negative keywords
– removing negative keywords
– pausing duplicate keywords
– add Google search partners
– remove Google search partners


If you wonder what the interface looks like you can use it for free for 24 hrs by following this link. You can hook up your account, all relevant data will be synced and you can use all options except the bid & budget optimizations as they would require a longer period.

After 24 hrs the account is automatically closed and all data is deleted. Would you like to give it a more extensive try you can simply start without any obligation and can stop every month.